Our Story

Our Story

In a world that is full of misleading information, and doubtfully transformative -but very well promoted- new age experiences, we were lucky to find a rare spiritual jewel: the extraordinary Satipatthana Vipassana Kammatthana method from Wat Chom Thong Monastery, where Paolo arrived almost two decades ago.

After years of teaching and practising in a monastic context, we realised that this incredible method was needed in the world, and couldn’t stay hidden anymore. Moreover, not everyone is up to do things in the monastery way. But the method in itself goes beyond its context, and its powerful on its own accord. The only thing required is a context of safety and care, and that is real near to our heart.

So we decided to be the bridge, to bring this method out of its monastery context, to make it more accessible to everyone that needs true healing, that wants real growth, and who is up to see him or herself as it is, maybe for the first time. Our job is to be here, holding the space and taking care of your well being through this intense but absolutely rewarding process.

The method we follow in itself is exactly the same you’d find in Chom Thong: we do not add or subtract anything at all. It is powerful in itself, and we do not pretend to know more about the mysteries of the mind than the incredible monks who have structured this process hundreds and hundreds of years ago... Students who have done retreats there before and came to us can attest to the fact that we care to maintain the technique in its purest form. Why? Simply because it works. And it works beyond your background, your stories and whether if you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner. This method goes deeper in the mind than all that, and connects you to parts of yourself you are usually not aware of. It is quite a ride in itself, but we are here to hold the boat for you, to keep it balanced, because we know the journey, we’ve been there ourselves many times over. You will be safe. And when you finished the process, you will be truly renewed.

We are blessed to do this, we are lucky to have this method in our hands, and for us, this is a responsibility and a mission of service. We truly want to help everyone who comes to us to the best of our abilities, and it is for this reason, that the word should be spread. Because we do not have anything to sell, but we do have an incredible experience to offer...

You just need to read some of the heart touching reviews our students are kind enough to write for us. Their words are more objective than anything else we can say.

The Method


For first timers, the basic course retreat lasts 2 weeks. This is called the Basic course, which has specific characteristics that only take place the first time. From the second time on, the retreats are always 10 days. In case a person does not have 2 weeks for the basic course, please contact us and we will see, according to each case, if we can do a compressed version of the basic course in slightly less days.

The Technique

Satipatthana Vipassana Kammathana consists of walking meditation and sitting meditation. We teach the method day by day and step by step, and the students are followed by an individual daily report. This is so the teacher checks the evolution of the meditation with you everyday and gives you further exercises accordingly. We are here to support you on a daily basis, providing you a safe space to express what has happened during the exercises.

This technique is not based on concentration, but on deep self observation, which acutely enhances the knowledge of yourself and the thoughts of your mind that are usually unobserved in normal daily life, but which, nonetheless, commonly control and shape our reality.

The Retreat

You will have a lot of time to dedicate to meditation without any external distractions: we ask every student to leave mobile phones, books, writing material, music players or any other distracting object in the reception until the retreat is finished. This is a time to see yourself without escaping in anything external, while enjoying being in contact with the untouched nature surrounding us.

The centre provides 2 vegetarian meals a day (breakfast at 6,30 am and lunch at 11,30 am). After that you are required to not eat any solid food, but can have tea and some selected products -such as yoghurt, milk, chocolate- during the rest of the day at your discretion. These will be made available by us.

You are required to sleep a maximum of 6 hs a day, but in the context of the retreat, this is absolutely possible and gives you enough rest. These conditions are to get the optimum results out of this practice. It is an intense experience but totally rewarding.

This is a profound type of retreat that is hard to convey in words and it’s only to be experienced. You are encouraged to check the reviews of past students in the Reviews section, to get an idea of how transforming and deep this process really is, which can hardly be compared with standard Vipassana or Meditation retreats around.

The place

Do you want to have an incredible and truly transformative meditation retreat, while enjoying amazing vegan food, and surrounded by the most stunning nature in the tuscan mountains?

When beauty and peace is all around us, it’s easier to disconnect from the stress of the mind and tune into the easy calmness and acceptance of Nature...

Arriving to our meditation centre is in itself a feast to the senses! We are located up in the mountains in Tuscany, where nature is still untouched. This place is stunning in every season! The different colours and the vibrant Life of this land, are all around us.

Coming with us for a retreat is not only a chance to learn a potent and ancient meditation method that’s only found in very few places in the world, but also a space to truly disconnect from everything, and enjoy living for 10 /12 days in an authentic italian farming village in the mountains. The calming energy of this place is already by itself something magical. Combined with a truly transformative meditation practice, this is an experience that you’ll remember all your life...

Enjoy in silence the incredible sounds of nature, while reconnecting truly to your inner self. We are here to support you on this journey towards self-knowledge and transformation. And the scenery can’t be better support either!

Currently holding exclusive retreats (3 students at the same time tops) so as to give everyone all the care and attention required for holding the space lovingly during this powerful and deep retreat.

The house has 3 private rooms for students, so it is important to reserve the spot in advance to ensure it.

The Teachers

Meet Gaby and Paolo

Gaby and Paolo

Paolo Meori, originally from Italy, has since young age been attracted to the mystical side of reality. This inner longing send him into travelling around Europe and Asia for many years, while also working in his craft. He has been practicing Vipassana Meditation for more than 15 years in different monasteries throughout North Thailand. After long practice and helping in teaching international students for many years at Wat Phradhatu Sri Chom Tong, he was awarded as a certified Satipatthana Kammatthana Vipassana teacher by Venerable Phra Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo. His true feelings of compassion and his conviction that this meditation technique has changed his Life as those of many, made him leave the monastery life in order to spread these teachings to the western society, in the aim to make them more available while, at the same time, maintaining their purity and effectiveness.

All this lead to the creation, of Vipassana Tuscany centre outside a religious context since 2015. Paolo has taught courses in various places in the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and Argentina. He is very beloved by his students, who value him as a generous and highly compassionate teacher. He gives everything of himself to listen and hold space for every student, and with the wisdom that many years of practice gave him, he transmits the calmness of knowing how to navigate through each particular retreat with whatever experiences may arise. There are not many teachers like him anywhere, not even in the monastery where these teachings originate. He is truly one of a kind. Last, but not least, Paolo is also praised by his passionate cooking skills and his amazing food, which he prepares homemade with utmost dedication for nurturing his students with the healthiest and best possible quality dishes.

Assisting him in teaching is Gaby Guerrero, who started her practice in 2012 and is assistant teacher alongside Paolo since 2015, after a long stay in Wat Chom Thong Monastery under his guidance.

Gaby was born in Argentina, and has always been curious about life and its mysteries. For many years, she has been a scholar and studied History, Law and Art History while living in Buenos Aires. She moved to Europe with a grant in the prestigious Max Planck Institute at Heidelberg. She holds an MA in Religious Studies and Western Esotericism from the University of Amsterdam. It took her some years to understand that her spiritual path could not be realized through books and the mind, and therefore she left it all behind to travel and try to find true answers to her inner questions. She did so for more than 5 years, travelling around the globe while researching in various fields such as Astrology, Tantra Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Extensive Fasting, Qi Gong and Altered States of Consciousness under the guidance of very prestigious teachers on the different fields.

She has been practising intensely different methods of Meditation for many years, until she was lead to Wat Chom Thong in 2014. Meeting Paolo and following the technique has strongly deepened her meditation practice and insights. Since this method has changed her life, and after being inspired by Paolo, she decided to devoted herself to expand the access to this method outside a monastery context, and this has lead to the creation of the Vipassana Tuscany in 2015, where she coordinates activities while assisting Paolo in the teachings and cooking.


Thank you Justine Baruch for sharing your experience!

How to arrive

By Train: You can take a train to Pontremoli Station in Massa Carrara Area. Pick ups to the train station are 7 euro, since the centre is 45 mins away the station. Estimated ticket price from Pisa airport to Pontremoli station costs around 13 euro.

Pick up to Airports: We offer pick ups in different airports if arranged in advance. The cost is mainly for the oil and the tolls on the highway. Pisa Airport and Genoa Airport are an hour and a half drive from our centre. The cost of the pick up is 60 euro. Pick ups from Bologna Airport and Florence Airport can be arranged for 90 euro (since they are further away). Please let us know in advanced so we can organise a punctual reception.

Car Drive: The nearest town is Pontremoli. Once you book we can give you more detailed information in how exactly to arrive to Vipassana Tuscany Meditation Centre.


Thanks for reaching out! We will contact you shortly.